Spiritdancer Dance Links
General Bellydance, North African, Uzbek, Persian and Armenian Dance Sites
Afra Al Kahira UK bellydance site
A'isha Ali Her nice site
Amani Dance Belgian oriental dance company
Amani Online Amani, famous Lebanese dancer's site
Arabic Soul Dance Karine Butchart's lovely site
Asim's links page Middle Eastern dance links
Atea's Page Another bellydance site with psychedelic buttons
Ayshah Bellydance performer's site with useful directory
Azida Sa'id Nice, large site including video clips
Bellydance Club Website and magazine devoted to Bellydance with great articles by the likes of Hossam Ramzy!
Belly Dance Home Page Lots of links
Bhuz Large bellydance site very good
Dalia Carella Gypsy/world dancer's site
Dancing Isis Spiritual bellydance site with good articles and a fab newsletter
Delilah Her visionary bellydance site
Desert Moon Dance Some good Middle East links
Egyptian Dance Informative site
Egyptian Dance The Heart of Bellydance loads of great links on this site
Gilded Serpent Online bellydance magazine, great site
Goddess Dance Helen Robert's site for Goddess women and bellydancers
Hannah Corr Bellydance teacher in Cardiff who also runs Goddess workshops
Helene Eriksen Her excellent site including much Silk Road dance info
Hilal Dance Suraya Hilal's official website
Hilary Thacker Her UK bellydance site
Ishtar Dancer from Merseyside
Jacqueline Chapman UK dancer's site
Khaalida A nice site with articles
Laura Shannon Information on Armenian and circle dance
Laurel Victoria Grey Informative site for Uzbek dance
Malia Site with antique photos and info on Tunisian costume
Margo American dancer's site. Sign up for her M.E dance newsletter.
Miramar Some good articles in this bellydance site
Morocco Very informed and experienced dancer a real superstar!
Mosaic Arabic Dance Network UK bellydance magazine and network
Nathkeo Male bellydancer and model
New Zealand Site some excellent information on this site
Oriental Dancer Salome's bellydance site, lists of teachers/events, articles, on-line lessons etc
Panta Rei A large bellydance site
Planet Egypt Anne White's website with wonderful performance and workshop events with many big names!
Radio Bastet Superb internet radio station of vintage bellydance music from LP's. You need Broadband for this one!
Raheesha American bellydancer in the UK's website, lovely lady
Raqs Sharqi Dorset Dorset group of Raqs Sharqi style dancers
Raqs Sharqi Society Dedicated to quality and authentic Raqs Sharqi
Robyn Friend Persian and Armenian dance site
Sacred Dancer Iris. J. Stewart's site for sacred dance. Happy reader of her book!
Sema Yildiz Turkish dancer's large and interesting site.
Silk Road Dance Laurel grey's dance company
Shareen El Safy Well-respected bellydancer's site
Shira.net A huge bellydance site
Suite101 Shira's bellydance zine site
Tahya's Healing Dance Healing Dance and Danse Orientale
Tanja's Site Transexual dancer's interesting site and host of other sites
The Hip Circle Bellydance online magazine. Informative articles
Tony and Yasmin Yasmin Asar's site
Zorba The Veiled Male Male bellydancer's site with good, informative articles
Costume Supplies And Information
Aladdins Cave costumes UK costumes.
Basthabda Bazaar UK costumes.
Belly Bazaar UK bellydance shop and auction site.
Arora's Bellydance Lovely velvet skirts. Happy customer!
Bellydance In Istanbul Links forTurkish bespoke costumes and info on Turkey. Happy customer.
BindiShop Supplier of stick on body jewellery.
Costumers Notes Lots of useful articles and resources for making costumes.
Craft India Indian supplier of bellydance costumes etc. Good prices. Happy customer!
Eastern Emporium Supplier of bellydance scarves, costumes etc at good prices.
Everything Egyptian All sorts of things, inc. hip scarfs, jewellery, head dresses etc. Also holidays and accommodation in Egypt. Happy Customer! Not only can you buy online (trade too) but you can invite the bazaar to your haflas.
Farida Dance UK costumes.
Hilary's Bazaar UK costumes including beautiful beaded bratops and matching hip scarves. Happy customer!
Nahari silk veils Beautiful large rectangular silk veils available in many colours from USA. Happy customer!
Shimmy Shimmy US site with good prices.
Shimmy Shop UK costumes.
Bellydance Travel Links
Everything Egyptian fabulous reasonably priced holidays to Egypt with the wonderful Penny Walters.
Arabic Song Translations
Shira.net for some songs
Other Dance Links
Dance Doodahs general costume supplies and dance links.
Dance Resources Database useful for researchers.
New Dancer resource for dancers and other artists.
Sandra La Espuelita Passionate Flamenco dance performers and teacher
Tango West South West UK site of Tango info and workshops/events.
Musical And Drumming Links
Oud Website Interesting and informative website on the Oud by a Greek musician including samples of taqasims
Mus'ud al sha'ir Learn Arabic rhythms on his site.
Rai Dance Rai musician's site.
Trehantiri Large range of Arabic and bellydance music for sale
Yalla Australian band who do Middle Eastern music.
Chas Whittaker Middle Eastern style drummer's site
Middle Eastern and Afghanistan Links
Middle East UK Middle East events etc in the UK
RAWA Revolutionary association of the women of Afghanistan.
Orientalist and Bellydance Art/Merchandise Links
Everything Egyptian Costumes, jewellery, statues, DVD's, CD's, mobile bazaar, does wholesale too. Happy customer!
Bellydancenet Mugs, bags etc featuring bellydancers.
Orientalist Art Beautiful paintings. Orientalism is a Western, fantasy, male view, not necessarily reality.
Eve Morris Beautiful bellydance cards and prints. Happy customer!
Reiki Links
Healing Touch Nice Reiki site.
Herbal Healing Lots of information in this complementary therapies site including Reiki info.
HealthFinder Useful information on health for those in the UK
Quit Smoking Helpful information to help stop smoking
International Centre for Reiki Training William Rand's large Reiki site.
Tarot Links
Palmistry Links
Johnny Fincham Chirologist, very good, useful site.
Psychic And Therapies Links
PsychicPodcasts.com The first dedicated, and free, podcasting service concerning spiritual awareness and psychic matters. Broadcasts a regular news bulletin, interviews, advice on spiritual and personal development, and various inspirational material.
Psychic & Spirit MagazinePsychic Sahar's free online magazine. Regularly updated holistic resource dealing with spiritual consciousness, holistic events and well-being. Sahar is a professional intuitive, monthly Spiritual DIY Columnist for Prediction Magazine in the UK.
Therapy Directory A directory of therapists in the UK, including complementary and alternative therapies
'Psychic Sahar One of the best 100 Psychics in the world,' Sahar is a professional intuitive, monthly Spiritual DIY Columnist for Prediction Magazine, UK. She also publishes a free online magazine, called PS-Magazine.com, dealing with psychic matters and holistic spiritual consciousness-visitors and clients contribute. Sahar teaches creative meditation, and conducts workshops on Tarot, Dream Interpretations, and The Ancient Art of Coffee Cup reading.
Other Links
The Green Emporium Online store of items for a more ecological and healthy way of life. Recommended!
Life And Clutter Coaching De-clutter your home and make your dreams into goals and your goals into reality!
Your Aromatherapy Site created for people interested in aromatherapy
Explore United Kingdom Listings of all sorts in the UK.
KwMap.net KwMap.net - browse the keyword map of www.spiritdancer.co.uk
Creative Links
Pondwhelk Great images and writing. Very well put together site.
Lynda Stevens Artist and Goth, astrologer and Tarot reader(and creator)
Jill Smith Local artist's gallery
What is Raqs Sharqi?
Instruments In Middle Eastern And Bellydance Music
Photographs and performances
Bellydance Music Reivew page
Reiki page
Creative Page
Costume Goddess beautiful bellydance and Goddess costumes including dresses, cloaks and harem pants
Lots of bellydance links for information, costume supplies and other dance links followed by links for Music and Drumming, Reiki, Palmistry, Tarot, Glastonbury and other links
What Is Raqs Sharqi?
Bellydance Music Review Page
Photographs and Performances
Instruments in Middle Eastern and Bellydance music Page
The Costume Goddess specialising in Bellydance and Goddess costumes, cloaks and wedding outfits
1001 Nights Persian and Egyptian symposium to be held in Bath and other events for charity
Arabesque Bellydance events in South Wales and nearby
Links On This Website
Lots Of Lovely Links Below!!!
Therapies Page
Therapies Page
Dance Mission Statement
Dance Mission Statement
Helen Bellydance Hossam and Serena Ramzy trained dancer in London
Valeria World Bellydance Super site by dancer based in Wales with great articles
Snobs Restaurant Great restaurant in Luxur serving clean, tasty, Western style food, for those who might be missing their home food! The people who run this restaurant are friendly and used to bellydancers and always happy to have a chat if you want one. You won't get hassled and the prices are clear on the menu, which you can see on their website.