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Reiki Healing
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What Reiki Is

Reiki, pronounced "Ray Key" means "free passage of universal life force energy". This energy is the life force which is everywhere. Reiki is a Japanese word, and is written Leiki in Chinese. Both Reiki and Leiki originate in Tibet. Reiki has been used for many thousands of years in ancient Tibet, not only for healing, but also in order to reach enlightenment. When the Reiki energy flows, both the person giving and the person receiving it are being healed and purified on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. 

Receiving the Reiki attunements enables us to become more in touch with life energy, so that it can flow more freely through our lives.There are three levels of Reiki. The First Degree is intended to be used for self-healing, and to give to family and friends mainly. The Second Degree enables us to do distant healing, and to consciously increase and direct the energy. There are three symbols given during the Second Degree workshop which can be used to help
purification, emotional healing and for karmic healing. The Third Degree "Reiki Master" is for those who wish to work on themselves throughout their lives with Reiki, by trying to live their lives with it. During the workshop, another one or two symbols are given to us, to be used during meditation and to help reach a greater awareness or enlightnment. We learn how to give attunements to others, and the responsibility of teaching others.

I am in the Usui lineage, which began when Dr Mikao Usui re-discovered Reiki during a spiritual pilgrimage, and taught it to others. It passed to the West, where it has been embraced, as well as built on by many healers. I became a Reiki Master during 1998 and use it
everyday in many different ways. I consider that being a "Master" is an acceptance that I use Reiki in my life to heal myself and others, and to reach a greater awareness. It is a process of self-development which never seems to end and is a spiritual path without being a religion. There is a strong connection between Reiki and Buddhism, both being about purification, wisdom and the relief of suffering. I do not believe that Reiki is simply a "hands-on" healing system, and do a lot of work in the energy field which works on a deeper and more subtle
level.I am realising more and more that many people are being taught Reiki without any information on working with the subtle bodies, which I think is very important. By working more deeply we can heal the causes of dis-ease which come from Karma and the way we see things, not simply the physical body. For those who are reading this who would like to work like this, some information follows which you may find useful.

On Receiving Healing

I have heard a few reports of people getting headaches and other pains whilst they are receiving healing. Sometimes this can be due to toxins (including anaesthetic and viruses) leaving the body but it may be because the healer is not right for you. If their energy field is heavier and less clear than yours, then although Reiki is coming through, you also have to contend with the person's energy. A sudden headache during the session can indicate this, as can a feeling of heaviness especially in the head, nausea and a sensation of your aura drawing back away from the healer. A good healer should be happy to stop if you ask them to. Always "suss out" a prospective healer intuitively- don't be taken in by hype, or go for a session in an environment you find unpleasant. They may be an amazing healer for someone else, but not necessarily you. A healer of whatever path should be aware that it is the recipient, not them who does the real healing work. Healers act as catalysts and channellers but it is the openess and willingness of the recipient to receive healing energy and to change on a deep level which is important.

Grounding Techniques

It is very important to be grounded when giving healing, as it is throughout life. Because during healing we open ourselves up to the other person's energy field, we need grounding so that we do not take on their "stuff", such as physical symptoms. If you feel this happening, these techniques can help, as well as recognising when you are taking other people's stuff on and realising that you don't need to. Compassion has nothing to do with suffering for the sake of others- this is a martyr attitude and ultimately helps no-one.

Drawing Your Energy Down

Let your awareness go down into your stomach and into your breath there. Imagine that you have roots which go down from your base chakra deep into the earth. Let your awareness drop down with the roots until you physically feel heavier and as if you really are rooted to the earth's core. If you need to release negative energy, let it go down your roots to be transformed by the earth. If you need extra energy let the earth's energy come up through your roots and into your body.Imagine it coming out the top of your head and showering back down again- keep the awareness of down as it is easily to space out and lose grounding when visualising energy going up.

Closing Your Chakras

This is good to do if you are feeling vulnerable and especially after doing some healing or meditation so that you don't leave yourself open to negative energy. Just imagine that your chakras (front and back) are closing- use whatever imagery helps, perhaps eyelids or windows shutting. Then cross your arms in front of you and affirm to yourself that your boundaries are

Tapping and Physical Activity

Something more physical is sometimes needed. Tapping the crown of your head and the soles of your feet is energising as well as grounding. Shaking yourself and doing something physical including eating also helps. So does putting your head on the ground. If you are walking, slow
down and bring your awareness to your feet and lower belly. Imagine you are a
strong, earthy person connected with nature.

Developing Sensitivity in Your Hands

The next stage, after grounding yourself is to learn how to feel energy so that you know what you are doing when working in the aura and chakras. Here are two exercises which are useful and can be done regularly as well as prior to healing work.

Rubbing Hands

Rub your hands briskly together. Hold them about an inch apart, until you feel an energy between them. Gradually separate the hands, still feeling the energy. Bounce your hands slowly in and out. You should feel an elastic or magnetic energy between them. Turn your palms towards you slowly, and allow them and the energy to be drawn towards your body, where it is needed.

Moving The Arms

Stand relaxed with your feet hip distance apart and your arms by your sides. Breathe with your belly. Turn your palms to the front. Breathing in, raise them, palms uppermost above your head. Keep your shoulders relaxed and down. When the hands are above the head, the palms face eachother. Hold the position and your breath for a moment. Slowly exhale, bringing the arms down as you brought them up, but with palms turning out. Repeat. You should start to feel energy in your arms and hands. It might feel as if the air is actually lifting your arms up rather than your muscles. Try doing different movements with your arms, keeping them slow, as if you are moving through water. Breathe in as they go up and out as they go down. Ground by kneeling and putting your hands and/or head against the floor.


Scanning is using the sensitivity in your hands/senses and your intuition to feel what is going on in an energy field, such as the aura. Practice, experience and trust help these sensations and intuitions become clearer. They may be almost imperceptable at first. Here is a list of some things you may sense.


There is an energy blockage or a hole in the aura. There could be a negative thought form there, or a physical problem in the area.

Cold Winds Leaving

A negative thought form is leaving the aura.

Ache or Pain

Generally there is a physical problem in the area creating build-up of energy which the Reiki is helping to release. Scan to see if there is a hole in the aura as well, and deal with this first.

Dip in Energy

Sometimes you can feel the edge of the aura and suddenly the edge dips closer to the physical body. This shows a lack of energy in this area and that there is soemthing causing an imbalance there. Give Reiki to the area.

Hole in The Aura

Whilst tracing the edge of the aura it suddenly seems to disappear. If you find a lot of holes or very large ones, the person is very depleted and requires a lot of healing as well as lifestyle changes. They may have an addiction, eating disorder or psychiatric problem.


You may sense a cord in the aura. One way of sensing this is if the aura thickens into a rope-like shape. Cords are like leashes of energy, attaching the person to someone. Energy drains out from them and negative energy can flow in.

Tingling in Hands

If a place is especially tingly in your hands, healing is needed there, and there could be an inflammation or pain at the site.

Heat in Hands

Healing energy is needed at this site. Some healers always experience heat or tingling so you need to see whether it is more than usual.

Energy Being Sucked as if Magnetically

If you sense that energy is being pulled, as if magnetically, from your hands, or there is an
irresistable pull to an area of the body, then healing is needed there.

Hands Being Pushed Away

This is a definate pushing away. There is an energy blockage in the area, which is resisting being worked on. Try working on the area later, or ask the recipient to tune into it and consciously ask the blockage to leave.

Energy Flowing From Hands

This shows the Reiki is flowing nicely, and indicates that the recipient is open and receptive to it.


You may start to perspire which shows that a lot of Reiki is coming through you and also that it is releasing your own blockages.

Feeling Ecstatic or Going Into Trance

Giving as well as receiving Reiki can be very pleasurable and spiritually uplifting. It can feel like a deep meditation or relaxed trance. You may also see colours, visions etc. Enjoy it, but remain aware and grounded.

Feeling Ill

Occasionally you may find that you feel ill while working on someone. It is possible that you
have picked up on an imbalance in them, or perhaps the Reiki flowing through you has shifted your energies so that you are temporarily out of balance. Generally it is fine to continue if you feel sufficiently grounded and OK. The feeling will probably pass very quickly, showing that something unpleasant has shifted thanks to the Reiki. If you feel you need to stop the session early, work on the recipient's feet to ground them and finish off.

Seeing Something Shadowy

Usually this is seen with the peripheral vision. It is an energy form releasing from the recipient. Imagine white and gold light surrounding it coming down from above and silently ask your Guide, Angel or a higher being to release it to the light. Silently reassure the energy form that it is ok to go into the light. If there is a lot of resistance, ask your higher being to help it into the earth.

Seeing Light or Colours

Golden and white light around is a light being such as an angel helping the healing. Other bright, vivid colours are other light beings perhaps devas, they may be helping or simply curious. If you feel you're being helped, silently thank them. Otherwise just silently greet them and carry on. If the colours are dirty or dark see the above paragraph.

Techniques for Removing Blockages

If you find something whilst scanning, the following techniques can remove it. If it feels appropriate you can invite the recipient to tune into what you have found, as they may have an insight about it which is useful to them, such as who is at the end of a cord. Always use compassion when cutting cords and releasing thought forms or blockages. Calling in your Reiki guides and bringing light in helps to boost the Reiki and to guide your intuition. If something still refuses to clear, then the recipient is either not ready to release it, or it is not appropriate for you to clear it for some reason.

Cutting Cords

Imagine that your hand is very sharp and cut the cord close to the body, with Reiki light. Imagine that the energy goes back to whom it belongs to.

Filling in Auric Holes

Place one hand at the edge of it, and slowly bring it towards the body, imagining that you are filling the hole with light and squeezing out anything negative. Then touch your hand to the body, or close to the body if at an intimate area.

Releasing Negative Thought Forms

If you feel there is something in the aura or the body needing release, reach into it (imagine you are if it is in the body- use your etheric hands), and pull it out quickly. Pull it out of the aura and let whatever it was dissolve into light. Pulling it out often feels like you are stretching elastic, and when this sensation stops, it has come out.

Releasing Blockages

This can be used with the above technique or on its own. Fluff up the aura close to the body, imagining that this is agitating any blockage so that it is released.

Enlivening a Weak Aura

The whole aura, or part of it may feel rather small and depressed. To give it a boost, fluff it up, as if you are fluffing up lots of feathers, to a foot or two from the body. The recipient may feel light-headed- this is quite common and shows a negative thought form has been released.

Clearing The Aura

This is a way of clearing the aura, but more specific work on areas of it may also be required. First of all, chop or cut up to a foot from the body with the edge of your hand, from the head downwards. This cuts minor cords and removes minor blockages. Then comb the aura with your fingers, starting at the top and working down, in a downwards direction. This brings the fibres of the aura back together. Lastly, fluff the whole aura up, again starting at the head, as in the
last technique. Do this a coupe of times.

Balancing The Aura

This needs to be done when the aura feels thicker, weaker or larger on one side. Hold your hands, so one is on each side, and stop when the energy feels even. You may find that there are blockages in one side which need to be removed first.

Before and After the Session

It is important to provide a space in which the recipient can relax fully. There needs to be no disturbances and it needs to be a warm temperature. Have a blanket ready in case they get cold and to cover them with at the end. Wash your hands up to the elbows before and after and provide plenty of water for you both to drink afterwards. Freshen up but avoid highly scented perfume. Prepare the room so it is nice and cleanse it energetically by smudging or
flicking saltwater around. Picture white light streaming down, filling all the corners. Prepare yourself mentally by meditating and visualising light coming into you. Call on your Reiki guides and whatever spiritual beings inspire you eg Dr Usui, Buddha.

Remove any watch or jewellery and ask the recipient to remove theirs. If they will be lying down, they may want to empty their pockets so they don't get any nasty surprises when turning over! They should also remove footwear.After the session is complete (always finish with the feet), silently thank the beings you called upon to guide and help you. Rub down the recipient's body at the sides a couple of times. Ask the recipient to come back gently and open their eyes in their own time. Put a blanket over them. When they get up, ask them if they are grounded and ground them some more if they are not. Also ground yourself. Advise them to drink plenty of water and take it easy for a while. They may want to share something that came up during the session.Wash your hands to the elbows and go round the room again with incense or saltwater, imagining light streaming in again, paying particular attention to where the recipient was.

Recommended Reiki Books, all obtainable from my Amazon estore. Just click here!

The Spirit of Reiki- Lubeck
Reiki And The Seven Chakras- Ellis
Rainbow Reiki- Lubeck
The Original Reiki Handbook- Usui and F.A Petter
Reiki Fire- F.A. Petter
The Reiki Sourcebook- Bronwen and Frans Stiene
Most of the information above was taken from my First Degree Reiki Manual. .You can email me! if you have any questions, would like to buy the First Degree Manual, or would like a First, Second or Third Degree Attunement.


Reiki Healing

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