Dance Mission Statement - I hope that I can achieve all this!

1. To promote bellydance and Raqs Sharqi.
2. To encourage bellydancers of all styles..
3. To encourage and respect the personal expression through dance of students.
4. To give feedback with kindness to students.
5. To listen to the feedback of students and workshop participants.
6. To provide good quality teaching, workshops, haflas and venues.
7. To provide good quality workshop teachers.
8. To give accurate information about bellydance.
9. To be part of the fabulous supportive network of bellydancers!

My plans are to continue bringing quality teachers of different styles into
Somerset, to continue performing and encouraging other dancers to perform, to
carry on teaching, and of course to continue my own dance development! The
bellydance community is a wonderful community, and when dancers respect
eachothers' styles and differences of opinion it thrives.

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