A Short Explanation Of The Therapies Which I Provide
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Reiki Healing

Please see my Reiki page for a fuller description of Reiki. I combine the physical Reiki positions and routine with spiritual healing, working with the aura. This is especially effective for anyone with emotional, psychic or spiritual distress. Most of the techniques used are standard ones from spiritual healing, others are from shamanic and other disciplines. 
Elemental Palmistry, Cheirology, Chirology, Palm Reading, Chinese Hand Analysis

Working with the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit I look at all aspects of the hands including the palm, fingers, hand shape, nails, skin texture, flexibility, finger prints etc. Readings give an accurate analysis of character and life patterns. The reading can focus on general personality, on relationships, on vocational analysis, on health, or on spirituality.
Therapeutic Counselling And Art Therapy

I specialise in person centred counselling, which follows the belief that respect for others, being genuine and honest and having empathy are the most effective tools in counselling. Listening well, both to verbal and non-verbal clues is very important, as is reflecting back to the client their feelings. However, I am not exclusively person-centred and do use other techniques and counselling models at times, especially if the client has a simple goal and also if the client has something deep-rooted to deal with. These could include Transactional Analysis, cognitive behavioural therapy, regression therapy, Jungian archetypes, role play and Art Therapy. The Art Therapy is particularly effective with clients who have difficulty verbalising feelings or experiences, as well as for artistic people who want to explore the hidden parts of themselves. It could include drawing, making patterns out of stones, writing, collage, hypnotherapy or other creative outlets.
Tarot Reading And Tarot Therapy

I offer a range of Tarot cards for the client to choose from, most of which are based on the popular Waite pack. Tarot readings can focus on single issues, a few issues, or be a general reading. Relationship spreads are especially popular. For people who want to interact creatively with the cards I combine a short reading with helping the client find their own answers. This could involve taking a guided mental journey into a card, choosing a card to aspire to, drawing something and other techniques.
Indian Head Massage

This is a massage to the scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms and face. This has a very relaxing and stress-busting effect. Oils can be used if desired but the massage is usually done seated and without oils, which also means that it can be done fully clothed if necessary. The massage repeats each movement three times, starting soft and getting firmer. I focuse on each individual's needs using a set routine as a basis for working on the areas which need it more. This massage is suitable for most people, though there are some contraindications such as working on inflammation or injury. I am sensitive in how I work, specialising in people with ME (Chronic Fatigue) and others who are hyper-sensitive to touch.
A Holistic Approach

Although I have separated out these therapies, often it is not just one alone which makes the biggest difference, but a combination of things, which will depend on the individual. One person may want a straight forward Indian Head Massage, another may want to finish the massage off with some healing. Another example is a person receiving counselling who may want a hand reading as well. Then again, someone else may be completely put-off by the worry that a pack of Tarot cards might appear. This means that I work with each person individually.

Qualifications And Experience

I originally became interested in healing during my teens but I was always a bit of a dreamer and could not understand why things such as herbalism and acupressure were not being taught at schools! Apart from English and Sociology, most of school did not interest me much and I ended up reading a lot of mystical and magical books at that time. During my twenties I started finding courses in the subjects that interested me. One thing that I stuck at was counselling and after a few years I gained a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at Strode College in Somerset. I studied Indian Head Massage  to practitioner level with Rainbow Bridge and am a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage, studying with Chandira Hensey. I was taught one-to-one Tarot by a highly experienced Tarot reader and therapist using the Marseilles Pack, going on to using the Universal Waite pack and other packs. During the 1990's I did a year long Shamanic Healing course where I learnt a lot of useful techniques and gained in confidence as a healer. I have also studied spiritual healing at Strode College. Regression Therapy, Dreamwork and handwriting analysis are other interests. I taught the Isle Of Avalon Foundation year-long Tarot course for several years after being recommended by my Tarot teacher, and also the Isle Of Avalon Foundation weekend Palmistry course. I have also had lots of fun giving readings and workshops at festivals such as the Big Green Gathering. Some incredible teachers have taught me some amazing, and often simple techniques and have challenged and encouraged me. Other qualifications and experience include NVQ 3 in Supervisory Management, NVQ 2 in Dance Leadership, a certificate in Teaching English As A Foreign language and a year's volumteering at Turning Point working with addicts and people with drug or alcohol problems, including addicts' families..
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