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Reiki Healing

Reiki, or universal life energy, originated in Tibet and was re-vitalised by the Japanese

Buddhist, Mikao Usui. Reiki is just another name really for directing the life energy or Ki

which is all around us and within us, and which all healers tune into. He had a series of

mystical experiences and after receiving Reiki energy, he began to heal others with it.

He taught many people his methods, which included spiritual principles, hands on

healing and sacred symbols. The three degrees of Reiki were taught by Usui, which

enabled his students to go on to teach it themselves, including in the Western world.

Even today, when Reiki practitioners receive their training, they receive information on

the lineage of teachers before them. Reiki is done fully clothed though I may ask for

heavy jewellery or watches to be removed, and usually the client is laid on a couch.

There are a series of positions where the hands are laid on the client's body, from head

to feet, on both the client's front and back. Reiki practitioners take care not to be

invasive with their hands but positions do include the chest, hips and lower back areas.

Some Reiki practitioners take the same length of time on each position, but I tend to

take more time where the energy feels more needed. I also like to do some of the Reiki

healing in the aura of the person, using the sacred symbols to aid this. Reiki is very

relaxing and ideally the client should have a slow and easy couple of hours after

receiving it, and also drink plenty of water. Reiki is helpful in healing all illnesses and

also for helping through grief and other difficult emotions. It can have strong effects,

including enabling bones to knit faster and it is strongly recommended that during

pregnancy, after an operation, if the client has a pacemaker or if there are any  broken

bones, that clients bring a doctor's note saying that it is OK for them to receive Reiki.

Reiki is a complementary therapy and not a substitute for a doctor. Please do not eat a

large meal or drink alcohol before coming for a Reiki session. For even more information

about Reiki, especially if you are a healer yourself, please click here to see my Reiki


Reiki Blast

This is a short Reiki session, ideal as a top up, or if you are short of time. The client is

seated on a chair and I will work on the areas which the Reiki energy is being drawn

towards. This could include specific areas which the client would like to be worked on.

Some of the Reiki will be hands on healing, and some wil be working in the aura. The

client remains clothed though I may ask that heavy jewellery or watches be removed.

Therapeutic Counselling

I work from a largely person-centred and integrative approach which means that the

counsellor has empathy for the client, does not judge the client and is honest. Listening

to the client is very important as the more that we listen, the more the client fully

experiences their thoughts and feelings and can find a way through any negativity. This

approach comes from the perspective that the client has the ability to help themselves.

Counselling can be for a short-term problem, for a negative pattern which keeps

recurring or for an in-depth exploration of the client's experiences, thoughts and feelings

(often called psychotherapy) when there is something chronic or deepset which they

want to change. As well as having a person-centred ideology, I also think that there are

valuable tools from other counselling approaches, particularly when the client is looking

for a solution in a few sessions or when the client has had a huge trauma and needs to

work towards the future rather than dwelling on the past. A counselling session lasts for

50 minutes, which leaves 10 minutes for me to write up the notes. All notes remain

confidential and are not shared with anybody (including the client). Everything disclosed

during a session is also confidential, and cannot be shared with anybody unless there is

danger to a child, or the client seriously threats to harm themselves or others. This

means that if I meet a client out and about, I will not acknowledge them, because this

would be a breach of confidentiality and if I need to get in touch with a client, we agree

how I should do this.  During
a session, both client and counsellor are seated, though at

times the client may be invited to stand or move around the room.

Indian Head Massage

Originating in India where it is very popular, this is an upper body massage of the head,

neck, back, shoulders and face. The client is seated and can either remain clothed with

just a light blouse or shirt or can remove their top leaving the bra on. A series of

movements are executed, often repeated three times, becoming more firm each time,

finishing, after washing my hands, wih gentle movements on the face. If an area seems

particularly tense, I may spend longer on this area or add an extra massage technique to

this area. I do not use oils in this massage. Indian Head Massage is very relaxing yet

also strangely energising, increasing circulation in the scalp and other areas massaged

and helping to ease away tension. I recommend drinking plenty of water and taking

things slow for a couple of hours after this massage.

Indian Head Massage Plus Reiki

A full Indian Head Massage is followed by a relaxing short Reiki session, still seated.

The Reiki session is mostly working on the aura. This is a nice way to combine some

body work with some healing and also a good way to experience Reiki without having to

book a separate Reiki session.

Tarot Reading

This is a psychic reading using Tarot cards as the tool. I use various spreads depending

on whether the client wants a general reading or to know something specific. The cards t

that I use most often have pictures on all of them which helps the client to understand

what they mean. I believe that the cards do not simply tell us the future, but that they

tell us where things are headed if we do not change course. This means that the power

is in the client's hands and through Tarot the choices that the client has and the best

direction to go are made evident. If the client wishes, a Tarot reading can become Tarot

Therapy, where the cards are used as a way of the client exploring their own psychology

and spirituality. The reading is done seated using a table to spread the cards out on.

Short Tarot Reading

This is a Tarot reading using less cards, which is ideal for groups, where the rest of the

group can browse the shop or look around town whilst I give a short reading to one at a

time. It is also ideal if a client has one specific question to ask or would like a taster

reading before committing to a full hour reading. The reading is done seated using a

table to spread the cards out on

Palmistry (Cheirology) Reading

Cheirology, or chirology is a form of palmistry which is based on the philosophy that we

are all made up of the four elements of earth, water, fire and air which are how the fifth

element, spirit or ether manifests. Depending on which elements are stronger, will show

which character traits a person has, and how the elements connect and interact with

each other in the person's hands reflects how they affect the person's thoughts,

feelings, vocation and health. As a cheirologist, I look at the hand shape, fingers, the

lines, the finger prints and many other aspects of both of the hands. Past, present and

future patterns show in the hands, but the future is not fixed. Many things in the hands

including the lines can and do change when a person is determined to change the

direction that their life is heading. Palmistry gives a great insight into the client's

psychology and enables us to understand ourselves better and to lead a more fulfiling

life. The reading is done seated, and I may use a magnifying glass or lamp to help me

to see the finer lines.

Short Palmistry Reading

This is simply a shorter reading, looking at the hands in general rather than going into

each area in detail, which is ideal for groups, where the rest of the group can browse the

shop or look around town whilst I give a short reading to one at a time. It is also ideal if

a client has one specific area in life they would like to know about or would like a taster

reading before committing to a full hour reading. The reading is done seated, and I may

use a magnifying glass or lamp to help me to see the finer lines.

Relaxation (Autogenics)

This is a technique to enable relaxation in both body and mind. The client lays on the

couch, fully clothed (or can be seated if they prefer). The client closes their eyes and  I

give a series of positive suggestions, mainly taken from autogenics, to encourage areas

of the body to relax, from the feet upwards and finishing with the head. After each

suggestion there is a short pause and at the end you will be given time to simply lay

there and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. This is ideal for those of us with busy lives so

that we can have some time out from all of the rushing around. It is relaxing and simple,

and also something which you can do for yourself. To enable the feeling to last, I

recommend taking it easy for the next couple of hours.