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Middle Eastern Dance and Healing
Raqs Sharqi, Bellydance, Reiki healing, Palmistry (Cheirology), Tarot, Therapeutic

Counselling, Indian Head Massage and Relaxation Therapy
Weekly Bellydance Class In Yeovil Classes are now at the new mirrored venue, upstairs at

Kim & Clyde Salon, 95 Preston Road, Yeovil (by the Mace shop) and will cost £5 per lesson,

Thursdays at the new time of 7.15pm to 8.15pm. Car parking to the front on the road (2 or 3

places) or to the side by the Mace shop, or down the cul de sac to the side, or Preston Road

itself. I am also still offering private classes in my therapy room. Private classes cost £12 for

an hour and are tailored to your needs including choreography and technique.
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Reiki One Weekend 2015 Over a weekend this course will cover everything you need to know

for your Reiki First Degree qualification. You will receive a course manual and certificate. Reiki

One is for self-healing and healing friends and family. Dates (provisional) are Saturday March

21st and Sunday March 22nd The course will cost £80 and there are a maximum of 4 places,.

The course costs £80. Email me for details
Mirage Student Troupe This is a bellydance performance group for my students, created to

perform at haflas, for charities and at small events  to bring the joy of dance to more people

and to give experience and confidence in performing to troupe members. Please email me if

you would like us to dance for you or if you are interested in joining the troupe. We rehearse

on Tuesday evenings between 7.30 and 8.30pm with some dancers staying until 9pm
Latest News And Classes
Therapies And Readings That I Offer
I am situated upstairs in Kim And Clyde salon, 95 Preston Road, Yeovil BA20 2DW. I can be

available most days apart from Mondays, Wednesday afternoons and Fridays. Please email me

to book a reading or therapy. The therapies and readings that I offer are as follows, plus belly

dance. Please click here to learn more about them all:

Reiki Healing (60 Mins) Reiki Blast (20 Mins) Therapeutic Counselling (50 Mins)

Indian Head Massage (30 Mins) Indian Head Massage Plus Reiki (40 Mins) Tarot Reading

(60 Mins) Short Tarot Reading (20 Mins) Palmistry (Cheirology) Reading (60 Mins)

Short Palmistry Reading (20 Mins) Relaxation (Autogenics) (30 Mins)
Short Biography
I have been studying palmistry (Cheirology) since the 1980's and during the 1990's  was

very lucky to receive one to one teaching in this. A few years later a lady asked for a hand

reading and offered to teach me Tarot so again I was blessed with one to one teaching. I

went on to teach both palmistry and Tarot in Glastonbury and later on in Yeovil where I now

life. Between 1995 and 1996 I completed one year's shamanic training where I learnt about

regression and soul therapy amongst other things.

Being interested in teaching, I also completed a Teaching English As A Foreign Language

course in July 1997, which has been very useful in all of workshops that  I teach.

I began learning Reiki in 1997 and became a Reiki Master and teacher of this in June 1998. I

like to work both on the body and in the aura when I give Reiki.

I wanted to add some sort of body work to my skills and studied Indian Head Massage in

Glastonbury during 1999 to practitioner level. I work to a routine during a massage but if

there is a particular area of tightness I spend more time on that. Counselling has always

interested me and at Strode College I studied this and received my Diploma In Therapeutic

Counselling in 2000 after doing the RSA Certificate In Counselling In The Development Of

Learning in 1996, the CPCAB Certificate In Therapeutic Counselling in 1998 and the CPCAB

Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling in 1999. The kinds of issues I have worked

with include low self esteem, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, addiction, grief,

transexuality, coping with change, helping clients find solutions to short term issues, sexual,

physical and emotional abuse, anger management, negative thoughts and feelings and long-

term problems.

Coming from a largely "person-centred" integrative approach to both the therapies and the

readings that I do, the focus is on the client and it is my belief that every person can find

their own healing and their own solutions to whatever is holding them back, and that the

therapist or reader is simply there as a catalyst who is there to enable the client to become

more fulfilled, more healed and more whole. In counselling, simply listening and reflecting

back what the client is thinking and feeling, without judgement is vital to the client's healing

process and this used in combination with therapeutic tools, can enable the client to improve

their life from the mind outwards.

In giving readings, the person's hands or the cards that they choose reflect processes going

on both now, in the past, and potentially in the future, and I believe the client has the power

to change an outcome if they wish to. Often simply by altering the way that we see a

situation is enough to begin the process of positive change. This is a very different approach

to the "fortune teller" type of reading where the client is told that something will happen as

if it is set in stone.
Reiki One Manual I am now offering my Reiki One manual as a pdf file, sent as a series of

email attachments for the cost of £10 or $12 (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). This is

ideal for Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers who would like a manual to give to their

students. Email me for details of how to get one (Paypal required).

Meditation And Healing Group

I am running a weekly meditation and healing group in Yeovil in my therapy room every    

Wednesday from 11am to 12pm. We are working with the beautiful loving kindness

meditation, developing healing ability and giving each other healing- Open to anyone

interested in meditation or healing, whether Reiki practitioners, practitioners of other

healing techniques and absolute beginners. The cost is £4. Email me to book as places are

limited and there are already 3 people.

Tarot Course 2015 Starting 28th February. This course will be held in my therapy room in

Yeovil and is over several weekends: 28th Feb/1st March, 7th March, 8th March, 14th march,

15th March, 28th March and 29th March and April 4th and April 5th. 10 lessons of 3 hours

each, 1pm to 4pm, including a short lunch break. Each lesson will cost £20 or you can pay

upfront for the whole course which will cost £150. Classes will be small to allow for lots of

individual attention and catch up classes will be available for people who miss one or two of

the lessons. People with some Tarot experience can come along for just those lessons that

they need. Please email for full course prospectus. If you have done a Tarot course with me

you are welcome to come along for a donation- but contact me first please.

Weekly Evening Palmistry Course
Each Monday, £10 per class, 8 evenings and is

6.30pm to 8pm. Starts on Monday 9th March. There will be 8 classes in

total, and if the course is paid for at the first class, it will be discounted to £70. At Kim And

Clyde Salon, 95 Preston Road, Yeovil. Please bring a notebook and pen to each class. If

anyone misses a class I will provide extra catch up classes (at £10 each).  The course

teaches the building blocks of palmistry (cheirology) so that you will be able to give a basic

hand reading to friends and family. Subjects include the four elements and elemental

archetypes, what cheirology is, hand shapes, passive and active hands, skin texture, fingers

(lengths, bends, meaning of rings, joints, tips, fingerprints and flexibility), the thumb,

chronology in the hand and the major lines (earth, water, air). You will also take ink prints

of each other's palms. Please email me for further details and full course prospectus. If you

have been on a palmistry/cheirology course with me before you can come along for a

donation, but please contact me first.
My therapies and readings  Facebook page is up and running, click here to go to it