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Bellydance Workshops

I have classified these workshops into different levels. It is difficult to assign levels to bellydancers, as someone who is advanced at cabaret style, for example, may be new to Beledi or Ghawazee style. These are entirely my own opinion, yours may be very different! However, it's important if you want to book me to teach that we both understand what level will be taught.

In general I would classify Beginners as having danced for less than 10 classes, Improvers as having done more than 10 classes but have danced under a year. Intermediate has danced for at least a year, feels confident with most techniques they use, has generally good posture when dancing, has done some informal performing and understands that bellydance has different styles. Higher Intermediate can dance in at least 3 different styles, can perform solo and feels confident with their technique and has a good posture when dancing. Advanced performs and/or teaches, is proficient in their technique, has great posture, can improvise at the drop of a hat, and has an excellent understanding of at least 4 of the following: Beledi style, Egyptian Classical, Saiidi, Veil Dance, Tribal, Ghawazee, Persian, North African dance, Rai, Turkish cabaret, American cabaret, a dance involving balance eg Sword.

Workshop Themes

Have Camel Will Travel - camel/undulation techniques in combination with travel steps. Suitable improver and intermediate.

Introduction To Egyptian Classical Veil Dance - Beginners and improvers. Includes some turning.

Introduction to Egyptian Beledi Stick Dance - Beginners and improvers.

Expression and Feeling in Bellydance - All levels. Dancing with feeling includes use of arms, torso and facial expression.

Dancing The Drum Solo - Improvers and intermediate. Energetic and fun workshop.

Shimmy And Move! - Improvers. Energetic.How to shimmy whilst travelling and doing other movements.

Introduction to Beledi Style- Improvers and intermediate. Includes use of the Beledi veil.

Introduction to Egyptian Classical Dance - Improvers and intermediate. Includes turns, travelling steps and Egyptian Walk

Introduction to Ghawazee Style - Improvers and intermediate. Energetic. Includes shimmies and Egyptian Walk.

Introduction to Saiidi Stick Dance -Improvers and intermediate.

Ways of Crossing the Stage - Improvers and intermediate. Includes different travel steps, turns, and using the leg.

Learn a Pop Choreography - All levels- can be specifically for one level.

Learn a Classical Choreography - Improvers and intermediate. Can be specifically for one level.

Learn a Sha'abi Choreography - Improvers and Intermediate. Can be specifically for one level.

Seminar Themes

Learn Some Basic Egyptian Rhythms - Beginners and improvers

The Differences Between Beledi, Classical and Sha'abi Styles - Beginners and Improvers

Hints And Tips On Performing - Improvers and intermediate.

What Is Bellydance? - Beginners, WI groups etc.

Other Workshops

Introduction To Palmistry - Weekend introduction to enable participants to learn how to do a basic hand reading

Introduction To Tarot - Weekend introduction to reading the Tarot cards for yourself and others

Becoming The Major Arcana - Weekend for those familiar with the basics of Tarot to experience through creativity, role play, story-telling, meditation and other techniques, the Major Arcana cards from within

Introduction To The Minor Arcana - Weekend introduction to the Minor Arcana in Tarot, pentacles, cups, wands and swords.

Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master - Reiki attunements. Please enquire if interested.

The Drama Triangle For Healers and Clairvoyants - Seminar for anyone working in the helping and healing professions, to enable them not to get caught up in the Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer trap, but to stay Adult, and truly facilitate change for others.

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